Al Tiglio Cucina Naturale

Al Tiglio is a plant-based restaurant located on the hills of Moruzzo, in the province of Udine.
For almost ten years, it has been one of the most influencial restaurant in the Italian vegan scene.

Chef Max Noacco finisce un piatto di tempeh

“Vegan cousine is still a free space, without borders and defined rules. A space to be filled with imagination and responsibility, harmony and love, new colors and flavors.”

– Chef Max Noacco

A gift from the heart, to your senses and soul.

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Halva, Al Tiglio

Organic Cuisine

We offer a local cuisine, which uses fresh organic ingredients; our menu changes every month, following the cycle of the seasons. It is also a cuisine with international influences, inspired by travels we have undertaken over the years.

If we had to describe it in one word, we would choose the word “balance”. Our dishes have a balance of colors and shapes, but also between flavor, texture and nutritional intake. We can call a dish successful if, in addition to being tasty and pleasing to the eye, it is also healthy and nutritious.

We want our cousine to be as inclusive as possible meeting all our guests’ dietary needs.
That’s why all of our menus feature several seasonal gluten-free dishes.

Tempeh, Al Tiglio

Al Tiglio Restaurant

Born from the ashes an old tavern, Al Tiglio rises on the hills of Moruzzo, a small town in Friuli. Developed on two spacious and bright floors, the restaurant boasts a panoramic terrace overlooking a breathtaking view: with a glance, you can admire the valley and see the sea in the distance which, on sunny days, becomes one with the sky.

Sabrina e Max, Al Tiglio

Sabrina e Chef Max

Hi, we are Max and Sabrina and we are the owners of the Al Tiglio restaurant.
We opened this place eight years ago following a dream: we wanted to create a welcoming space that could introduce its guests to the wonders of vegan cuisine.
In 2014, we decided to leave our old jobs behind and dive into this adventure.
Today the restaurant is a reference point for veg cuisine not only in Friuli but also in Italy: a relaxing place, where you can enjoy plant-based delicacies and organize events related to the natural lifestyle.

Kiri, Al Tiglio

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